Tuesday, September 25, 2012

...and people think WE are expensive.

So, found this on craigslist, just had to post about this.  Had several people tell me lately that $75 is much too much for a chin and our used cages are much too much for used cages.  Excuse me?  That same chin would cost $150 in the pet store, and cages start upwards of $100 there, and require that you ADD wood shelves.  Here, if the cage is $100, likely it already COMES with wood shelves.

Anyway, without further ado, I give you a craiglist ad.  Note how they say "ONLY" before the price:
For Sale, two females, sisters, born December 2008. They are both show/breeder chins, although we have not done either, because they have been spoiled and we just wanted to enjoy them.
Unfortunately we have to sell our sweet chins  I bought the girls from a breeder  for my daughter's b-day, but she just had a baby and is working and in college, and I am in nursing school, and we cannot give them the time and attention they deserve.

Lexi (black) will squeak when you try to pick her up but once you are holding her, she will nuzzle right up! Darla (Grey) loovvvvves to be held! They love to be played with and are very sweet!

When you buy the Chins, you will also get a three tier cage, timothy hay, treats, two running wheels, hay bin/feeder, treat bowl, pellets, house, litter box, cage cleaner, bath jar, bath dust, and a huge container of bedding (and container for bedding).

I will only sell them together. Chins are very social animals and should not be solo.

NO FUR FARMERS!!!! These Chins are pets, and I WILL NOT sell to a fur farmer!!!!!

PLEASE EMAIL OR TEXT ME FOR PICS... For some reason I can't upload the pics :(

Serious Inquiries only please

For additional info please contact [info removed]

Asking ONLY $650 o.b.o for 2 female Chins and everything mentioned above.
No reasonable offer refused!
 ....and we're expensive?  Right. 

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