Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Lazy day

So, not much got done today.  I managed to somehow lose my list which said what I was supposed to do, so that probably accounted for some of it.  Not like I can't write a new list, but I was out most of the day anyway. 

I did hear back from the person about Delilah, she basically ended up saying that she decided her place wasn't good for a chinchilla because she lives in a one-bedroom and would always have to have the windows closed to regulate the temperature. 

So that's that.  I actually had a backup for Delilah, someone who had said they'd been eyeing her for awhile and never emailed.... turns out, she's going to look at a chin tomorrow that someone's re-homing.  She said that if for some reason that doesn't work out, she'd still be interested in adopting Delilah, but what's the chance?  Anyway, she said she will email me either way, to let me know, so I appreciate that. 

I got most of the stuff already added back to the website and supplies list, the used stuff.  Just have one bowl to add back still.

Called the $600-order person, well, now it's almost $700 with the addition of the new items and shelves for the cages.  She was riding her horse when I called, and said she'd call back to set up a time for pickup.  Didn't hear back from her, so I suppose I'll call again tomorrow.

Emailed the person who was interested in Psycho with a 2-day notice.  So she emailed me back saying the price was too high, but she could make it work.  Ok.  This is a $75 chinchilla that's not even a year old, if that's "too high," I can't wait to see what her adoption form looks like in terms of cage, food, etc.  And what gets me... if they'd already determined they could "make it work," why do people take forever to email me back?  I know I'm a little antsy with people getting back to me, but I feel like if you really want the pet, you should be a few steps away from beating down my door to bring it home.  A lot of people act with the type of urgency as if they're buying a loaf of bread.

For our mosaic female, the people who said they'd call about putting down a deposit or not have not called.  I will be calling them tomorrow, as tomorrow is 5 days, and I have two other people interested in that kit if she's not.  

Went to Joann's.  Bought like $131 worth  of stuff, saved $121, so that was good.  The fleece was 50% off, and I had coupons for just about everything else.  Got some extra fleece so I can make some liners for the cages.  I already have two sets of the pink liners for Winx's cage, but for the other cages....
--Toby's cage is pink with zebras.  The second set of liners will be bright pink with bright green frogs.
--Gypsy's cage is tan, green, blue, and yellow striped.  Her second set will be beige with floral designs.
--I have two sets of blue liners for the one cage.
--the last cage is zebra liners, with a second set of the leopard liners, and I found this neat multi-colored zebra print, so I'll have a third set for that cage.  Fun fun.  Now, I just gotta sew this.  I can't even walk into the room that has the fabric, it's all piled in a room with all my furniture from my apartment... I need to at least cut the stuff to hammock size and cut the stuff for liners, and then I probably have fabric for 3 liners in there as well.  Need to take one day to JUST do that.

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