Friday, September 28, 2012

Cleaning day.

So, we were going to a play today, so I cut up the wood for some hidey houses and some chinny mobiles and mobile homes before getting ready.  Also mailed out some packages and mailed that person her care packet and adoption form. 

Went to the play, came home, and was thinking about not going back down to the pets/rescues and then I was reminded -- tomorrow is garbage day.  And far be it for me to be up early enough to do anything in the morning and get it put out on the curb, so I begrudgingly headed downstairs.  Don't get me wrong, I love the rescue but there's days when I wish there was someone else here so I could say, "ok, today's your turn" so I could just relax.  Cause today I really just wanted to lay down and go to bed.

So anyway, I was a good rescue mom and went downstairs.  Cleaned the rat stack, cleaned Keisa's cage, cleaned all the runs, vacuumed all of the FN's and vacuumed the entire floor including under the saws and, since my mom had just pointed out the ridiculous amount of sawdust that I had somehow tracked up the stairs to the main floor, I even dragged the shopvac up the basement stairs and vacuumed them all. 

Cleaned out the rat cage, moved mom & babies to a 20g, cause they were getting a bit cramped in their other cage.  It'll soon be time to separate them, and for them to start finding new homes.

So then, it was a tad bit messy, so I thought I'd clean up a bit.  I needed to empty the shopvac, but before doing that, I always look and see if there's anything large that needs to go in the trash (in this case, a mazuri bag) before stuffing shavings and all that in.  So, we have a cage that we're going to sell which we used, shortly, for rats. We're going to sell it, but before we do, the entire thing needs to be taken outside and scrubbed.  And that's coming from someone who feels that 95% of cages can be washed inside, but no, this needs to go outside.  Well anyway, it still had the shelves in it, wooden shelves, so those were absolutely disgusting cause rats pee everywhere, so those were just getting thrown away.  If it's chin pee that's soaked into a shelf, not so bad, it can be sanded off and made to smell normal again.  Rat pee?  Not so much.  So, I pulled all of the shelves out of the cage, made a pile of hardware and even removed the bolts (some say I save trash, I say there's nothing wrong with metal bolts & hardware except they're dirty and sticky -- nothing some vinegar, soap, and water won't clear up).  So, one of the shelves was too big to fit in the trash bag, so it's still sitting on the side.  I need to cut it in half with one of the saws, but it's late, so I couldn't do that tonight, so it'll go out with next week's garbage. 

Then, I realized that we have boxes for shipping things out in like 3 different locations.  So, some were alongside the stairs going down to the basement, so I moved those by where the other boxes are and scooted everything down.  Still have the cage or two that I need to wash and the carriers that need washing as well, I'll get to that eventually.  The pile is getting smaller. 

So, I brought up some trash and brought up some stuff to wash.  Realized I never gave the guinea pigs greens today cause I never moved the greens back downstairs.  So, went back down with my bag-o-greens to put in the fridge down there and gave the pigs greens.  Now that is devotion -- going back down at 2 am to give the pigs greens.  So then, I take more trash up here and realize... I don't remember if, when I was looking, the rats had water.  So, I head back down yet again, and they didn't have water, so I filled their water bottle. 

So I come back up to look at the stuff I'd brought up to clean.  Set all of the hardware in a cup filled with vinegar, soap, and water (mostly vinegar) and set it aside.  Cleaned everything else and went to look at the cup... yeah the water was like brown.  Ick.  So I started pulling out the hardware piece by piece and cleaning it.  Got through all but like 3 of the washers (which still had gunk on them, even with scrubbing) and the hanger bolts, which were all actually discolored.  So, those went back in a rinsed out cup with fresh vinegar, soap, and water.  Hopefully in the morning they'll be nice and clean.  Meanwhile, my hardware is spread our drying on a papertowel.

Oh, and all the chew toys I pulled out of that cage need to be cleaned.  But that's for another day.

Now that the runs are clean, maybe Shimmy and the other chin will decide it's a good time to have their babies?  Here's hoping.  And Lacey (gp) is also quite the plumper, can't wait to see if she has her babies and they turn out alright. 

Oh!  And I also had a pile of wood sitting on the one table saw that I was saving cause I knew it'd be good for some poo guards and stuff like that, so I went through a lot of that wood today making poo guards.  I finally attached the two halves of the corner shelf that's going to go in the one baby-safe-cage.  I cut the poo guards for that as well, but haven't gotten around to attaching them just quite yet.  Maybe tomorrow, we'll see.  

Had someone email me saying they wanted to pickup 20 pounds of food on Saturday.  Was going to bag that up, but... somehow that didn't end up happening between cleaning everything and all.  So, tomorrow. 

Well, I think that's it for tonight. 

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