Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Orders and more orders

So I put together orders today.  Got together the hidey house order that's been up on my board forever. 

Also put together an almost-$250 order for someone who's adopting a pair of 10 yr old chins from another rescue, but getting all of her supplies here (yay!).  So she's coming tomorrow to pick everything up, those chins are gonna be spoiled.  Nice cage, wood shelves, hammock, treats, lots of nice goodies. 

Working on another order, a smaller one that was a corner shelf, perch shelf, cottage hidey house, and some shelf hardware sets.  Got everything made (the cottage house is drying), but I couldn't cut the  perch shelf cause it was too late at night.  So once that's cut, that order can go out (once the house dries). 

Then I got together an order for one of my "regulars" -- someone who's always ordering food.  Usually it's just 10 lbs of food, but this time it's that, a goodie bag, and four circular perches.  Turns out, I can just baaaarely squeeze all of this in the long-medium sized flat rate box.  So I got her a total, if she paypals me by the time I go to the post office, that can go out pretty quick. 

And I think all that's left, currently, is the order for the person who's getting the two baby chins from us.  Gotta get her cage shelved and the pan powder coated and all.  Well, the powdercoating place called today and said my pans are ready so I need to go there tomorrow and get those, and drop off this person's pan, and then in the meantime, shelf her cage and get the rest of her stuff ready to go.  I'm aiming for being done with everything by the time her pan's ready, that way I can just call, say hey, everything's ready to go, and she can come pick everything up.  We'll see how that really goes.

Didn't do anything else as far as the used stuff today.  Still have more down there, need to wash some stuff and take pictures of some stuff and all that.  I spent some time sanding and rasping those cutout circles I have.  Meredith did all the small ones, but I have a huge bag full of the big ones, and I intend to include those in some of the toys that I plan on making (soon) and besides that, I would just prefer that they were sanded and out of the bag, out of the way, put off to the side somewhere, so I can concentrate on something else.  So I did that for awhile til Pandora ate my phone's battery and caused me to go back upstairs for the night.

Gave Pixie her nightly prednisolone.  She doesn't mind it actually, she just nicely takes it.  If only the chins were so good about taking meds.   Funny, the vet said they gave me more than I needed incase I "missed" and looking back, I should have told them, if I can get a chin to take meds, any other animal is a piece of cake.  Pixie doesn't even move when I go to put the syringe in her mouth.  I can't tell if she's doing better or not.  Meredith was there with me today to see her, and she did have her feet under her, but then I still see her laying with her feet like splayed out, rather than my other guinea pig position of "caterpillar" with all the legs tucked under.  So it's still up for grabs how she's doing, so we'll see.  Keep her in your thoughts/prayers.  Haven't spent a ton of money yet, well, maybe $100-150 so far, but I don't plan to give up until I'm sure she won't recover.  Dr. Wan (I prefer Dr. Foster, but he wasn't in, drat) said that these kind of injuries can take a long time to heal, so it could take several shots, lots of oral medication, and so on.  But if that was the case, I would think we'd see some sort of progression on Pixie's part.  I'm rooting for her, who's with me???

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