Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Today + Pixie

So, started out the day on a happy note (uh, yeah) by taking Pixie (gp) to the vet.  Turns out, she has a spinal cord injury, and they think that there is swelling which is causing her to not be able to move her back legs.  They asked if she'd been dropped recently, and I told them that this developed out of the blue, and they said well how bout in the last week?  Yes, she was.  And was fine for several days.  Turns out (and I didn't know this) that it can take several days to even a week for the swelling to get bad enough that the show signs of the trauma.  So I did this to my poor baby girl.

Anyway, the vet gave Pixie a shot of steroids, to hopefully bring down the swelling and help her regain use of her back legs.  We'll see how she does.  They said if no improvement by Fri/Sat bring her back in. So I've got my fingers crossed and will be praying, Meredith's praying, if you're reading this, it'd be awesome if you'd say a prayer for Pixie.

Then, went to the powder coating place to pick up my pans, cause they called and said they were ready.  Got there and I had brought more pans to do, and I had originally been thinking orange for all of them, but then I saw this pretty bright yellow, so I decided (with my mom's help, who I was texting and asking what she thought) that the bottom pan was going to be orange and the top pan was going to be the bright yellow.  That's for the zebra cage.  So, picked up the blue pans and left the others there.

Went to the feed store, picked up their last bag of LabDiet lab blocks for rats.  David said they'll be getting in Mazuri lab blocks for the rats, because LabDiet is discontinued (darn it, I liked that brand).  So after this bag it'll be Mazuri lab blocks.  Which is fine, rat people use that.  But you get used to something after so long, you know?

So, since 394 was backed up to all hell, I emailed the person I had set to come at 6 today and asked her if she could come later. See, that's the advantage of a smart phone in non-moving traffic.  You can change your plans.  So, got an email back that she could come a little later on, and so I had time to get home and get her stuff ready and all.  So Ember went to her new home today.  Very happy bout that. 

I tried to get Delilah intro'd to the other cage of girls, but Delilah was set on attacking them, so apparently it was ok for her and Daisy to get along, but she don't like other females.  So I took down the "she gets along with others" from our website, since she decided to be difficult.

As the world appears to have it out for me, our med. eb female (the 3-4 month old) started having loose poos.  So, I put her in a separate cage, gave her fresh water, fresh hay, fresh pellets, and some probiotics.  We'll see how it goes. 

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