Monday, September 3, 2012

Cages and more cages

So, had someone come over to look at the chins, we talked chins for awhile, she left.

Had some other people come over and adopt Juno and Buddy and got them a cage and a hammock so they should be good.

Then my rat-adoptive home came over and adopted a blue male and a black male.  Yaay.  I can stop griping about him not getting back to me now.

So, in the spare time in there, worked on homework, cleaned up some cages, and actually put the cage pictures up on my website.  I know, not very many chin cages, but hey, the quantity's something, right?  Anyway, more updates as to that later on.

So, Pixie (guinea pig) is looking like she needs to go to the vet, so we'll be there in the morning and see how that goes.

Anyway, back to griping -- you know that order from February?  The one that I still don't have?  Yeah.  So, I looked in my facebook messages cause I could've sworn that she'd told me a week, and surely that week had passed.  So, the relevant portion of her message from back then said "It will be this week."  Funny.  That was said on August 21.  As it is now September 4th, we are now at 15 days, which is two weeks.  Now, I understand this might be getting petty, she says a week, and it's not a week, but this is not the first time she has said "it will be this week" and then a week+ passes and I don't get the order.

So, patience is wearing thin, so my message back was this:

I hate to be a pest, but can I expect to get this order anytime soon? Every time I message you, you tell me it'll be "this week," and then something comes up, the week passes and more time passes and I'm still without my order. I'm fine with the money being refunded if that's what you'd like to do, but at this point, I'd either like to get that, or my order soon.

I feel like that's about as "nice" as I can muster up.  I know she "says" she sent the order way back when, but she was just so willing to remake it and send it now, that it makes me wonder if it was ever sent in the first place.  We have never had a package or mail get lost. Sure, we've had mail from the other side of IN take four weeks to get here, but it DOES get here, it just takes the long way around or something.  But a package from the beginning of the year, if it was really sent, I should've had by now.  And this isn't like a $5 order where she can just be like "oh I'll whip up another one," this is like a $90 order.  So even though the materials don't cost that much to make the items for the order, it seems a tad suspicious (to some friends/relatives anyway) that she'd be so willing to send out another order on my word that I never got the first one.

Don't get me wrong, I understand things come up.  I can't say I'm the quickest with every order, I have other things going on in my life, so even if I get your order ready, it may not go out for a few days, or I may have to find the right size box, or whatever, but I don't wait weeks upon weeks.  And if I do wait say a week and I get an email like "has my order gone out yet?" -- well, first, I refrain from pointing out that the order has to be paid for before it goes out (which it never is paid for at the point people send me that email) -- but more importantly, I literally take that order to the top of my list and get it done, get the person the final price (with shipping quote), and get it shipped out because I know that person is paying attention to how long it's taking.  Some poking and prodding may be necessary, but I do it upon the first poke.

This has got to be the 3rd or 4th poke in RECENT months, not counting the multiple emails that I sent between February and July -- none of which were ever responded to, might I add -- which have all resulted in "it'll be this week."

I have to say, I have some fleece items from this person and I do like their work.  I think it's great.  But after this... I am never buying from them again. 

Funny -- I log onto facebook and I have a message:

Give me until tomorrow and I'll have your package on the way.
I sincerely apologize...

When push comes to shove.    .... but.... we will see.  I will believe it when the package is on my doorstep.

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