Tuesday, September 25, 2012


So, I got a call back from the person who I called about Psycho.  Of course, I was on the phone with someone else, when she called, so I called her back.  So she's interested, so I got her email... which sounded very familiar.  So, I looked it up in my email, and she popped up as someone who'd called me who'd been interested in Annabelle, but who had never returned a single one of my emails.  Couldn't be bothered apparently.  Anyway, despite my not-so-great mood today, I won't say anything bout that, I emailed her the care packet and adoption form.  If she gets those back to me and everything looks good, I suppose she can adopt.

So, the phone call that I was on when she called -- someone from Vincennes called, asking about breedable females.  So I told her, the only ones that can be bred are the ones that come with pedigrees, and at the moment, all we have is a mosaic female that's $175.  I explained that she's a baby, and she'd have to wait until the chin is about a year old, and she said that was fine, she could keep them in separate cages and all.  So I asked for her email so I could get her the forms.  Yeah, she "sorta doesn't have an email."  Really?  She clearly has internet cause she was able to see our ad or website (cause she clearly didn't see the cars driving around, not four hours away).  So I wrote down her address and I will be mailing her the care packet and adoption form. 

I have to say, I'm not particularly happy about that, as chances are, despite the fact that she said she will drive, and she asked how far it is, it's showing up for me as 4 hours and 49 minutes.... so I'm doubting that she's really going to want to spend almost 10 hours on the road, which means I will likely just be wasting my money (and my care packet, which costs a few dollars per booklet for me to get printed) to send to her, and likely won't get a chin purchase out of it.  I'm not sending her a return stamped envelope.  I had someone ask me to do that once -- they were here looking at chins and they wanted to mail the adoption form back (they weren't even far away, they could've dropped it off) -- and I hate to sound like an ass, but I felt like that was incredibly cheap of them, that they didn't want to spend their own 45cent stamp to mail back the adoption form.  I did give it to them because I didn't want to create a scene and tell her what I really thought about her request, but not a second time.  So this one will just get a letter sent with the stuff saying something along the lines of "please mail back to this address:...."

So then, I had the person interested in Posh email back.  I had sent her the two day email telling her that Posh was on hold for her, and I wanted to know if they wanted to continue that or what.  So I received an email saying they didn't think now was the best time to get a chin, but she thought her parents would prefer a male.  So I emailed her back asking if she wanted me to put her on our list for a male, and contact her when we got one in.  She emailed back saying yes, and saying that her parents didn't want to get a female cause they spray.  Now, I believe these are the people who, every time I said something, replied with "let me research that and get back to you."  I have no problem with people double checking info for correctness, but the way it was said, I felt that they acted as if they were just talking to someone who had no idea.  I believe they said that they had read online that females spray.  I had told them that the grand majority don't spray, but apparently, that didn't sink in.  Cause, you know, they read it online, so it must be true.  So when she emailed me saying the things about females spraying, I couldn't help myself and I responded back that we typically get in more females than males, and 95% of them do not spray.  But regardless, I'd put her down for a male.  I'm not saying I know everything, I admit that I don't, but I just feel that believing everything you read online over someone who's had a rescue for 9 years.... maybe not the most smart idea.  Anyway, I added her to the list, and then realized I don't know if she wanted any specific color, so I emailed her asking about that.

So far I think that's it for the idiots today.  But the day's still young.

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