Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fun times...

So, yesterday, got a decent amount done.  Started shelving one of the cages that we have for sale, will soon be ready to sell that.  I think I now have most of our for-sale stuff off to the side and have pictures of all of it, but I do believe I have a few items left that I need to get pictured.  Still debating on which cages I'm keeping vs. selling, so there is that as well, but other than the cages, I think everything else is pretty much set.  Just gotta list those last few items. 

Finished grooming Nytro and Puff.  Still debating who's going to show, we will see. 

Meredith came over to volunteer and between the two of us, we got 9 hidey houses made, and more cut up and on their way to be ready to go.  I only have so many rubberbands, and the current ones are presently occupied holding together the hidey houses that are made, so on Wed. I can make more.  In the meantime, I cut up a LOT of pieces of the scrap wood that we have into pieces for use on our chew toys.  Started doing gallon ziploc bags, did two of those, and moved on to a paper Stracks bag.  That won't be filled anytime soon, but I don't want to use all my good gallon-size bags to hold cut up wood.  I did put a dent in the spare wood that we have lying around, so that's good.  I would like to have it all cut up, but that may have to wait until like the end of the day today cause there's just so much sawdust as a result of cutting up those little pieces.

So then, I was going through my emails, cause they were starting to pile up, and I realized it's been yet another 5 days since I had emailed the girl interested in Psycho.  I had sent her the adoption form and she had said Thanks, and I hadn't heard from her since.  So, I went on the website, updated the Communications part of our Sales Policy and emailed her letting her know that either she had to put down a deposit on the chin or she had to get her adoption form back and set up a pickup date within the next two days.  I told her, I didn't feel we were any closer to her adopting now than when she first emailed (which was about 2 weeks ago) and I told her, she hadn't even gotten the form back, so she hadn't been "okayed" to adopt yet, and all that.  I mean, I try to be nice, but at some point, I can't hold a chin indefinitely.  Like it's one thing for someone to set a date to pickup, and it to be in a few weeks.  Fine, because there is a date set, and the grand majority of people do show up for pickup.  No big deal.  And I don't start the countdown of the 5 days while I'm talking with someone.  Like if we're exchanging emails every few days, no worries, that can go on for months, and I'm ok with that.  But it's when they STOP contacting me that the 5 days start.  Like I send an email and I get nothing back, and of course, there's never a date set, and half the time I don't have their adoption form yet, and all that.  So I try to be nice, but there's gotta be some tough love.  I really believe that if they really want the chin, well, they will make an effort to come get it.  Maybe they can't come today, or tomorrow, or this week, but they can at least send an email within 5 days.  I would think most people who are really interested are wanting to set a date for pickup, as a lot of people are excited about pickup.

Anyway, so this morning I got an email from her, "Hi- Sorry I haven't gotten to you. I have been very busy lately. I don't really think that we will have enough time fir a chinchilla, so you can put her back up for adoption. Sorry. Thanks."

So, that's that.  I actually did have someone next on the list for this chin, so I called her and left a voicemail.  For people who I leave voicemails for, I give them usually 2-3 days for them to call me back (if they call back at all) before the chin goes up for adoption.  So, today's Tuesday.  If I don't hear from her by end of day Thursday, Psycho's going back up for adoption.  Which is incredibly frustrating.

Speaking of frustrating... I got an email yesterday about our mosaic female kit.  "Hello,Is your kit still available?  She is gorgeous.  What is her DOB and do you have pedigree paperwork on her? What pellet/hay is she eating and how is her temperament? Thank you,"  So, no problem, I send her an email with all of the information.  Get an email back today, the relevant part reads:

Your mosaic kit is so pretty. Here is where I'm at... Looking to get chin as family pet. As a child we've had cats, lizard, hamsters, family dog and bred dogs (Pomeranians), conures and an African grey parrot. Oops- not to leave out our current pet- a 4 yer old sweet and cute hermit crab. We've considered a dog many times but since I've not been around animals most of my adult life--- my allergies have one crazy. I've been visiting pet stores and handling chins just to test out the allergies. So far so good. The hay does concern me. Of course I want one now- so do the kids. But- we are thinking if having them earn it- doing research reports etc in preparation and then surprise them at holiday time. What will you have ready to go closer to Christmas?  I welcome your input. I wish you lived closer. The "trial program" is a great idea. Fantastic. Thanks again. And yes I'd do your paperwork.
Ok, first.  Why email about a current chin at all if you know you aren't going to be getting one now?  I have people who have emailed me and specifically said, hey I'm looking to adopt around Nov/Dec because of a move or something, so I know, even if I have what they're looking for, they can't take it til Nov/Dec.  But they don't start emailing asking all sorts of info on a current chin and then, "oh, well, we want it now, but maybe we should make the kids work for it."   How bout this..... you have the kids work for it and THEN you email a chinchilla breeder/rescue.  Isn't that the logical way this should be done?  I'm sure I come across bitchy regarding things like this, but you know, I didn't need to waste my time sending her an email telling her about the temperament and the pedigree and saying the lines she's from and all that.... when this specific chin probably won't be here around Christmas, which completely makes that entire email worthless.  
People frustrate me.

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