Monday, September 10, 2012

The making of a run stand

The making of a run stand, or in this case, a run stand to hold a guinea pig cage.

Start with some 4x4's, cut to length.  For ours, these are 18" long.  Place a 2'x4' sheet of plywood on top.  Start screwing the plywood in, leg by leg, making sure the legs line up with the plywood.  In this picture, the plywood is mostly just resting on the legs, though there is one screw holding the closest leg to the plywood.

Add some more screws, and attach all your legs.

Want something on top of the plywood that's not quite so plywood-looking?  Here are our two pieces of fir wood, waiting to be put into place and screwed in.

Fir wood in place, four screws holding each piece in place.

To make the fir extra secure, flip it over, screw every 6 inches around the boards.
I seem to be missing the picture where the other board of plywood is attached, and the casters are attached to that.  

When it's not level... improvise!  There's probably at least 6+ washers under each of the four screws on the caster, to give it some extra height.

Final product.

Looks good!

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