Sunday, September 23, 2012

Show time!

Well, not quite.  But it is far past the time I should have started grooming the chins.  So, today, I got our Keisa, Gypsy, Myshkin, and Nytro for grooming.  Keisa did rather well, but decided to take a nice chomp out of me at the end for the final wiggle.  Gypsy.... was like a squirming baby, always the difficult one.  Barking the entire time of course.  Myshkin was pretty good, but literally grabbed the comb out of my hand (with his mouth) and winged it across the room.  Nytro was the pleasant gentleman that he always is.  I groomed him all the way through, but his fur's so dense, he needs a second go in a few days. 

Then, I thought I'd groom Lola.  Pulled her out, and her fur actually was wet, which had to be from Ally drooling all over her... as I'm pretty sure Lola can't actually soak herself.  So, got out the #3 comb and went to work.  I think I pulled out more matts and stuck fur than I left on the chin, but she does have some fur left.  She's just thinly furred right now.  But she does look worlds better, without all the matts.  I'll give her tonight to dry off and then tomorrow she can have a dust bath to perk her back up.

So, everyone got their dust baths (and I do mean everyone, not just the going-to-show chins).  Myshkin and Nytro were moved out of their runs to their own cages (so no one decides to lay on them and squish their fur), and I put the dust bath at the bottom... and they both just sat there like nothing was there.   Course, when I picked them up and literally placed them in the dust... oh THEN they knew what it was and began rolling around.  It was great, I don't think I'd even let go of Nytro before he'd started twisting and trying to roll over in my arms to dust.  It was cute. 

I started making my hidey-house-donation-box.  I actually made it smaller than our other hidey houses cause I don't need it huge.  Basically, it looks like our standard house on the front, but on both the left and right sides, there are large openings, and on the top (which is hinged), there is also a large opening.  The point of all those openings is to let in light so it doesn't look really dark inside when you look at it.  So, I bought some Lexan (plexiglass) to cover the front and side holes (on the inside), and I swear it looks perfectly see-through when you buy it, but then once you actually get it in... not so much.  Like if something is a centimeter behind the lexan, you can see it clearly.  Any further and it's like your vision just went bad.  It's like super-blurry.  And that's totally not what I was going for, so we're gonna call up Ace tomorrow and see if they still cut glass, and if they do, we're gonna get glass cut for the three sides.  If they don't... we're gonna find a place that cuts glass.

I think the 'Donations" will be stand-up letter, but I haven't decided yet.  We'll see.  That would require another trip to Joann's if I want to do it like that, as I'd have to get the letters.  If I do do the stand up letters, I think I'd have them all attached to a thin piece of wood, and have that piece hinged somehow so that it stands up with the hinge open, but with it closed, it lays down flat on the top of the house.  Cause otherwise I could see us cracking it off everytime. 

Well, other than that, didn't do much with the chins today.  Oh!  The $685 chin order-person came and picked up her chins and two cages today!  Yay.  Will post pics of that and other stuff tomorrow or in the morning or something.  

Had a call today about the baby rats.  Called them back, left a message, haven't heard back yet.  Will have to call again tomorrow.  

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