Saturday, July 28, 2012

15 minute increments....

So, today I need to work on my papers due tomorrow, so it's 45 minutes on (working on paper), 15 minutes off (break time, chin time, etc)... all day until these things are written and ready for editing. 

1st break - went outside to give the shelves one last scrubdown and set them in the sun.  Doorbell rang -- was my person who was coming to buy Used Cage #4 - the "dog crate" that had been made into a small animal cage.  They were actually going to use it as a dog crate for their boxer puppy.  Went onto the NWI Chins site and took down the listing for cage 4; also went on external websites and took down picture of that cage.

2nd break - took the dog outside to potty, checked the mail.  Realized that the cuddlebuddies are out of date on the webstore.  Took a new picture of the one, as now it has a grommet and clip (someone wanted it, then decided against), so I want the picture to reflect how it is now).  Going through and deleting the (hidden) cuddlebuddies that have sold.  Realized that a TON of items on the webstore say "new" and really... not that many are new.  Edited that.  "Hid" the pinesical hanging toy, as I may never have that many of those pieces available to keep making that toy.  But will decide for sure on that later.  Edited boh of red, blue, beige plaid hammock on webstore.  Edit boh of the pink used dust bath houses.

3rd break - threw some clothes in the wash (hey, my stuff has to be clean before I can throw in the hammocks and liners), and washed some of the "to-be-cleaned" pile of stuff from the basement.  Mom gave me another towel to cut up and use for cleaning downstairs (yay!).

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