Saturday, July 21, 2012

Bad day.

Let me just start it off by saying today is turning out to be a bad day.  Not like for the rescue, so much, but just not a good day and people are really ticking me off today.

First off... the website isn't working.  AGAIN.  Honest to God.  and of course, since it's not working, I can't get on the host website to find a phone number and call em up being like, "hey, why isn't my website working?"  I did get the website to load for a second earlier, but it loaded saying "this domain has recently been purchased, will be active in 48 hours."  Excuse me?  It was purchased like a year or so, not "recently" so I dunno what is up with that.

Then... lately the cage people have been driving me nuts.  People will email about a cage, say they want it, I say, ok, when you want to come and get it... nothing.  And this is often lately.  So, today I get a text asking if we have the playpen that connects to the cage.  Now, I know the cage they're talking about, but we don't even have that BRAND of cage for sale, much less the playpen that connects.  So I tell her no.  Well, then she asks if our cages are cheap.  Um... depends on what she considers cheap, but she clearly was looking at an ad that we had cages for sale, and right on the ad is all the prices.  So, I text back saying that it depends on what she considers cheap, and I ask what type of cage she's looking for.  Find out it's a cage for 3 gp's.  Well, I have a rabbit cage that might work, that's $35, so I tell her that and the dimensions.  She wants a pic.  Now, I know I'm in a bad mood, but I was ready to tell her, go look at the ad again and then come back and text me.  Cause on most of the ads, all the cages are pictured.  But, I text her a pic of the cage.  So she asks if we take trades.  Really?  I'm trying to GET RID of this crap, not trade for worse crap.  I tell her we usually don't, but I ask what she has to trade.  So she shows me a picture of a cage that's like HALF the size of the cage she's asking about.  Right, makes perfect sense, let me trade you my $35 cage for your $10 cage and call it even.  Um, NO. 

The cage she showed to trade was a cage with several levels.  Heck, I have several like that, bigger than hers... but they're all in the $60+ range, and if shes' thinking $35 is too much.... so I told her no on on the trade.  No text back yet.  Apparently when you have three guinea pigs, $35 for a much bigger cage is too much.  Hope those gp's don't have to go the vet anytime soon.  Forget meds, it'd be too much to take them in.  Ugh.

Just a frustrating day all together.  And it's only 4 pm.

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