Thursday, July 5, 2012


I am tired.  And I took a nap! (and missed two texts and several phone calls as a result, go figure -- had I stayed awake, no one would have contacted me). 

So... just about nothing got done today in terms of things on my to-do list.  I did remember to pick up the cheerios/other-cereal/pasta to make some more rat food, but did I make it?  No.  But it's sitting in this box waiting to be taken down to the basement, that counts for something, right?  (I should note, they do have food down there to last a few more days, I just need to add to their current stash). 

Also picked up yet another gallon of vinegar and some more sandwich-size baggies (on sale for $1).  So I suppose getting the rat food and this stuff did get one thing off my list...  but then I came home, answered a few emails and phone calls, and went and took a nap.

Before I did that though... I had someone call about Spots and Princess (yay!).  They wanted to come tomorrow, but weren't sure what time they had dinner with their parents, so he said he'll call me tomorrow.... otherwise this weekend he can come.  Either works, no big deal either way.  A few days doesn't make all that much of a difference. 

Then had someone call about Tallie.  Had marked her on hold when I heard that voicemail cause I remember the last time I had her up for adoption, within days I had waaaay too many emails asking about her, so I figure I'd head it off early this time.  Called the person back - turns out, it was this one who'd posted on my fb page about her own tripod.  Is looking for a companion for hers, and apparently her older chins aren't tolerating the younger one (tripod) well.  Well... Tallie would have probably been a good fit for that, she's really tolerant of other chins, but so would a variety of chins that we have.  She wasn't ready to adopt anyway, she said she wanted to get another cage all set up and ready so that in case she did get another chin and the two didn't get along, she'd just have another cage.  So I took down her name and number and what she's looking for and she said she'll call back soon.

So then, those people that came the other day to get the 10 lbs of hay, they came back today.

---side note--- I had someone ask me why I don't use names on here, I suppose I don't because I don't know if people really want to be named in the blog.  Anonymity has it's advantages.  Like if I said "oh I talked to Ashley today and she has two of our adoptive chins and she's feeding them carrots!  How horrible!" people might know who I'm talking about, and that person could get mad.  I don't want to unintentionally upset anyone.  I do believe I have used names (maybe?) when I post pics of the chins with their new owners.  If not here, then for sure on my fb page --- but I don't want to alienate anyone on here.---

So, back to life, those people came back.  Said they wanted to do a trial run with Tallie, so I actually took the time to create a form that people will have to sign saying they agree to put down a deposit and to give the chin and supplies back after the trial period, and (perhaps most importantly) that by putting down a deposit, they do not own the chin or any supplies.  Cause we really do get all types, and I could see that coming up at some point.  So, they came here and signed the form and took Tallie home.  They were here for awhile, very nice people.  The daughter made little toys for all of the rescues!  How sweet!  We never get things donated.  I mean, we do, but like donating a cage that someone's otherwise going to throw away -- that's great, I won't deny that, but for someone to actually take the time to make something for the rescues, that is just awesome.  Thanks!!!  :)  I did take a picture with her holding one of the little treat bags, but my camera's downstairs still, so that picture will have to wait for tomorrow. 

Actually, my procrastination paid off this time!  (see, this is why I'll never stop)  When the last trial run ended (two days into it), the person was from Valpo, and since I work in Hobart 3 days a week, she met me at the office after work.  So I had brought the blazer (which I normally never drive that far, cause it's horrible on gas) to work to hold the cage and get the supplies.  Never did bring the cage back in the house, and the bag of supplies?  Yeah, I had that sitting on my "work table" untouched.  I had intended on going through it and putting stuff in its respective places... but... hadn't gotten around to it yet, and conveniently so, because I was able to grab the bag, make sure everything was in there that needed to be, and hand it over.  And the cage was already outside in the blazer, so that saved me the effort of hauling it to the basement and then bringing it back upstairs for this trial run.  See, procrastination does pay off!  Lol. 

And, even better, we were talking about cages and the father said he can get me some of those 1/4-28 screws that I need for the FN!  How awesome!  :)

So, they left, and I dunno what I've been doing with myself for the last 2-3 hours.  Wait, no, I know, I've been responding to emails about various chin and rescue related stuff that would take too long to type out on my iphone.  So I suppose that was getting something done.  Also, brought up the babies a few times today to handfeed.  The girl is just a dream.  Sucks it up like no tomorrow but the boy is like "nope!  don't like the stuff!"  Little stinker.  They're still young, so they're still only eating maybe 2-3 CC at a time (or they should be anyway, the boy only wants to eat 1 CC at a time, and even that's a struggle).  So we'll see how they do.  I wish I was home more often cause it's hard to feed them all the time when I'm gone at least 8 hours a day, but whatcha gonna do.  I do the best I can.  I believe all (if not all, then almost all) of our handfed babies that didn't have other underlying health issues have lived to adulthood and have gone on to be adopted and live normal lives, so must be doing something right.  Will feed em more tomorrow.

Oh!  At work (Meijer) today, my boss was starting to set up for the back to school displays and all.  Can't wait actually.  Not for school to return, because grad school is year round (currently on break, starts back up on Monday, ugh), but because of the sales.  (and here is how this is chin-related).  Back to school time is when I stock up on the Elmer's glue.  I want to say it's like 10 bottles for $4.00 or something like that, and I think last year I bought like 15 bottles?  I believe I have three left.  Hey, gotta stock up while the stuff's on sale, every cent saved helps the rescue pay for food/treats/care for the rescues, so I try to save when I can.  Which means the next time cheerios are on sale, I should buy up the whole shelf, and the next time those pasta things are 10 for $10, I should also buy the whole shelf.  Cause when we have rats, man do we go through those things like water.

Speaking of rescues, didn't hear back from the rabbit guy.  Maybe he didn't intend to drop off any cages with the rabbits.  Which would have been fine, but if I'm not getting cages with them, then I can only take in 2, cause I only have two cages...and in all reality, I would have to set up my last table to take in any more if he doesn't want to drop off the bunnies, ah well.  Can't make him.  Dunno if I've said it before on here, but out of every 10 people who say they want us to take in critters, only maybe 2 people actually make it here and drop off critters.  Which is good for us, I suppose, or else we'd be overrun with rescues and have to turn people away or start a waiting list for rescues to come in, but at the same time, it also means that the majority of people who contact me about us taking in their pet will email a time or two and then I'll never hear back.

Well, anyway, I will get pics of the chews given to the rescues tomorrow and maybe finish up (or at least continue working on, now that I have more vinegar) that last FN pan.  I just read that sentence outloud and I was like "that FN pan" but it came out more like "that f'n pan"  haha.  Ain't that the truth.  Anyway, I'm tired.  Going to bed now.

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