Sunday, July 29, 2012


So, almost forgot about the other fun "person of the day."

Get a call this morning from some guy asking about the rats we have for adoption.  So I tell him, oh we have these and these, and he says he is looking for a female cause he already has females.  Ok, so I tell him, we have a female pair and this and that and he says he's looking for one.  Ok, moving onto the cage with single females, I tell him the colors.  He says ok, says he will call later.

Calls later... to tell me that he's going to call me in an hour and a half.  Um... ok? 

So, hour and a half (ish) passes (wasn't paying attention to the time) he calls.  Asks where we're located and I tell him.  Ok, so he asks for directions.  Now, the directions I give start at a major crossroads and there are literally three turns from that crossroads to our driveway.  He says he's confused after the first turn and says he'll call back.

Calls back, so we get him on the first street, Main Street.  I tell him to turn on White Oak Ave.  Now, there is a White Oak subdivision, but I specifically tell him to turn at the stoplight (and I did give him further directions).  So I'm waiting and waiting (cause it should have only taken a few mins from there to our house). 

Finally get a call..."did you say turn on the (White Oak) street? cause I turned into the subdivision."  Oh boy.  Ok, so straighten him out, get him in the right direction and tell him once he turns on White Oak, it's a left turn onto Somerset and a left turn onto Devonshire.  Hang up.

Calls back.  "so it's a right turn onto Somertime?  I didn't see Somertime."  *facepalm*  Ok, straighten that out.

He calls again, "did you say the turn onto Devonshire is right when you enter the subdivision?"  "yeah"  "oh, I missed that turn"  AHHHHHHHHHHH.

Ok, so he finally got here.  Directionally challenged, but very nice guy.  Just adored the rats.

Though, he did try to talk me down on my $55 cage down to $20... and then start picking random cages and asking if he could have them for $20.  I did tell him a few times the only ones for sale are in the one corner and the smallest/cheapest we have is the $55.  Which is totally worth $55 with the shelves.  I have it as $40 without the shelves, which the rats could have lived without (cause they're like little monkeys, they climb the walls), but surely not $20.  This isn't a garage sale buddy.  (He did have two cages, a large one and like a smaller cage, so it's not like he needed another cage, so I didn't feel bad, for once).

So... none of those phone calls were long enough for me to actually have told him that he'd be filling out forms and all when he got here.  But he was going to or he wasn't adopting anything, that's just the way it goes, so as he's filling out all these forms and signing everything, it dawns on him "oh, so this is like the Humane Society, you just run it out of your basement."  Yes, you got it.  :)  LOL.

Nice kid though.  Directionally challenged, but nice kid.  I'm sure the rat is gonna love him.

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