Sunday, July 29, 2012

It's... one of those days...

So, let's forget the Keisa thing for right now.  Posted it on the forum and got some useful help there, helped sort out my thoughts.  Love the forum. <3

So anyway... onto the next "person of the day".  This one emailed this morning and the last emails are around now... just wanted to note that I could totally see where this was going right from the beginning:

Her:  (in response to my one online classified ad)  can i have them.   do they have a cage and other stuff they need if they do can i have that too

Me:  Sure, you can adopt them if you read our care packet, fill out the adoption form, and pay the adoption fee for the rats ($15).  They don't come with a cage, but we do have cages for sale if you wanted to buy one.  We have one that would work good for them for $55.  Let me know if you're interested.

Her:  ill take the mice would it be alright if they stayed in a box for a day or 2

Me:   They're not mice, they're rats.  No, they cannot stay in a box for a day or two, if you don't have a cage ready, you would not be able to adopt them.  They would chew through a box in a few hours.

I am attaching their care packet and adoption form.  You will need to fill out the adoption form and get it back to me in order to adopt them.

Her:  ok like next saterday i should have a cage

Me:  Ok, well you'll just need to read the care packet and fill out the adoption form and email it back to me and if it looks good then you can come and adopt them once you have the cage.

Her:  ok save them for me i have the money for them i just need the money for the cage

Me:  I can't hold them for you until you get your completed adoption form back to me. 

Her:  (sent exactly like this, not in the care packet form, only difference is that I removed identifying information)

care pakedge done
 state marinette WI. zip 54143.  phone . own or rent rent.  allowed pets yes. moving
in a few years no. had rat before no. food type same food. for someone or myself myself. breed it no.  bedding  soft wood shaveings. cage size med. .type of cage metal.  shelves metal. bar space inch or 2. keep cage on dresser. let it get exersize yes. read rat care book yes. life span commitment 3-5 yes. cozzy place to sleep yes. if need to get rid of them give to nwi

Me:  (ignoring the fact that it's all jumbled and out of order and not in the form I sent her)  For the most part it looks good.  Just a few things:

-- you didn't answer the question that asks about safe fruits/vegetables, so please let me know what some safe ones are:
--your cage bar spacing -- you said it's an inch or two.  If it's over an inch, the rats will be able to get out of that cage, no problem, so if I were you, I would check what the bar spacing is.  When you do, email me and let me know what the bar spacing is.

Also, as it says on the ad for these rats -- the previous owner wants to keep in contact.  So that'd mean that I'd give you her email and give her your email and you would need to email her every so often and let her know how the rats are doing, maybe send a picture.  Would you be alright with doing that?
Her:  safe fruits are bannannas carrots and tomatoes and more oh the spacing is is an inch
yes I would

Me:  One more question for you -- was looking over your form.  Do you realize that you're over 285 miles away from us?  That's a 5+ hour drive.

Her:  ok but can i still have spots and princess

Me:  Sure, you can adopt them, you're all set, I was just letting you know that it's a far drive.

So, when works for you to come pick them up?

Her:  can u bring them here

Me:  No, you have to come get them.  That's why I sent you the email about how far you are away from us, because that's distance that you would have to travel to come get them.

Her:  why cant u bring them to me

Me:  We don't deliver any pets to anyone, regardless of distance.  That's our policy.

....and so far, no response to that.

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