Saturday, July 14, 2012

Busy day today

Ok, I lied.  Forgot about a pickup we had yesterday.  Dunno HOW I forgot, but I was too busy thinking bout today.  So, before I forget..... Willow, Jordyn, and Lexi went to their new home!!!  I still have to email both Tricia and Lisa each other's contact info, but I figured I might as well post this first and then get on to that.

Ok, so finally, moving onto today.... Friday the 13th..... we got in 8 rescues.  Hooo boy.  2 chins, 4 rabbits, and 2 rats.  And then one of our adoptive homes showed up with goodies.  But more on that later. 

First, we got the rats.    Buddy (white w/ agouti hood) and Juno (black w/ white stripe on belly).  They are 7/8 month old males.  Purchased from Petco, eating store-brand rat food.  They  like their ears scratched and lima beans.  (We have a form, people don't just randomly volunteer tons of info).  These rats came to the rescue because their owner said she lost her job and hadn't been able to afford proper food or bedding for the rats for about a month.  Well, now they have that stuff. 

Buddy (front), Juno (back)


Right as the rat people were leaving, my chinchilla person showed up.  Apparently, they live about 20 mins from St. Louis, so it was a 5 hour trip for her to bring the chins.  The chins are named Frederico and Georgie -- both standard males. They are 5 years old.  I talked with this person on the phone, so I no longer can remember every detail (and there's no email for me to look back at) but from talking with her today, somehow she was living out of her car and sleeping on people's couches, and realized that wasn't the best situation for her chins (apparently this was a recent development).  As for these chins... the owner got them from someone else who was unable to keep them.  She was feeding them Petsmart-brand chin food.  They like banana chips and raisins (with a little heart by the word raisins) -- which they will never get again.  They apparently don't like rosehips (well why would they? raisins are definitely the better treat, haha).  Didn't notice when she first dropped them off, but the one is developing cataracts.

such big ears!
munchin' on some hay -- you can see the cataracts here, that's not the flash

... and then close to when the chin person was getting ready to leave, our rabbit person showed up.  We got in four rabbits: Thumper -- lop-eared rabbit, Fuzzball -- lionhead rabbit, Carney -- american chinchilla rabbit, and Honey -- rex rabbit.  They all seem very sweet... and very large.  The smallest is Honey, weighing in at 4.5 pounds.  The others I want to say are all in the 6-7.5 pound range.  Honey is by herself - apparently the other rabbits didn't like her.  The other three are caged together (the family had the two males neutered).  Carney was won at a carnival game (as a baby of course).  So was Honey.  The other two, they don't remember how they got.  Well, we got them because their owner had a stroke and was mostly paralyzed on the one side of her body.  She was wheelchair bound and with the rabbits being outside, it was hard for her to see them, much less care for them.  The husband cared for them for awhile, but then she made the difficult decision to have them brought to the rescue.  As we didn't have quite a bit enough cage for the trio, we again have our rabbit pen set up (they had the trio in a 6'x6' pen outside).

Carney (front) and Thumper (back)


Honey (her color is much lighter of a reddish brown)

So, that was our drop-offs for the day.  Got an email from someone asking about bringing their chin to the rescue, so we will see about that.  For the rabbits, I have someone who'd been asking about rabbits, so I'm going to email them and let them know what we have....

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