Saturday, July 14, 2012


So, this is going to be short, cause I really didn't do much today regarding the rescues/pets.  And cause of my supposed sinus infection my face/jaw feels like someone threw a brick at my head, so excuse the shortness please.

Bought some new fleece the other day.  It's really cute.  Should take pictures, but I'll wait until I get it cut up and all. 

Got in the guinea pig cage I ordered.  Going to keep this one, I think, but if it's good, it may also be one we decide to stock and sell to guinea pig purchasers.  We will see.  Right now, I don't have the table room to set it up cause we have THAT many rescues (and three rabbits are in a pen on the floor!), so that's going to have to wait.

The other day, I vacuumed out the two FN's that Willow, Jordyn, & Lexi, and Tallie & Lilly were in.  Now, just need to pull out the pans, vacuum again, wipe everything down, and start adding the fleece!  So excited.  But, homework comes first, and getting ready for pickups comes second.

Speaking of that, we should have had a pickup (er, well, they already have the chins on a trial run, but they want to adopt them... anyway...) today, but the person's kid got sick, so she's hoping for tomorrow.  I'm supposed to call her once we (me and my mom) get home from the adoption event at the Calumet City Petco tomorrow. 

Meijer had a sale on Cheerios (big box 3 @ $10), the Quaker oatmeal squares (2 @ $5), and the tri-color rotini ($1/box), so I got 3 cheerios, 2 quaker oatmeal squares, and 3 pasta boxes.  I go through rat food so fast it's not even funny.  But this should last me a little longer. 

Had someone email asking about some of the male rats.  Already got her adoption form back to me, so it all looks good.  Hopefully she'll come soon and adopt some of the boys!

And got a call from one of our previous adoptive homes, who only adopted one rat.  Now wants to adopt another to get along with him.  But... I'm confused... the other males beat him up.  We tried putting another male or two with him and it didn't work out.  I don't have any new males ready to go... so...?  But, she did say she wanted another cage too, so maybe she was thinking of doing slower intros or something.  Tried calling her back, and got a call back from her mom (they must live together, but the daughter has to be like in her 40s) saying the daughter was sleeping and they'd call me later.  Well, they didn't call, so I'll call tomorrow when I get out of the adoption event.

Well, that may very well be it.  Until next time....

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