Wednesday, July 4, 2012

One FN done... three to go. And even got other stuff accomplished today.

So today was actually a mildly productive day. 

I finally got around to cutting the shelf for the person who emailed me last Friday.  What I've been doing that prevented me from doing that for all those days, I couldn't tell you, but I did it today.  Cut the shelf, cut the poo guards, found a box, weighed everything, calculated shipping, and emailed the person.  Shipping for one freakin shelf turned out to be $16 (to CA though).  For orders like this, I cut the stuff, but I won't sand it or glue the poo guards or anything until I KNOW that the person wants the shelf cause I have so many people that never respond back once I tell them what shipping is.  Hey, I'm not making an arm and a leg on shipping, I charge just slightly higher than actual, cause I gotta buy tape and packaging stuff, but when I say S&H will be $16, it's likely actually like $15.25 and I'm just adding a small margin for error.  Since I am quoting the S&H before the box is all sealed and taped, so that could actually add some weight (and usually does, hence, I usually end up paying more shipping than I actually charge the person). 

But anyway, this person got back to me super quick and asked if they could add to the order... well of course!  :)  So they asked for the link to my site, gave it to them (they likely had my email saved from when they did a previous order back in July of 2011 (and yes, I had to do an email search, my memory isn't that good), they got back to me with a list of several other things they wanted.  And, totally unlike me, I actually started on the rest of their order today!  Step 1 in beating procrastination: baby steps.  I actually would have had their entire order almost done, but one of the things they ordered was a poo-guard shelf for one side of their FN.  Well.... it depends on which side, since the end facing the front won't have a bolt.... so I had to email them and ask which side it's for.  But other than that, I have the longer shelf all cut/glued and drying.  Will put bolts in it likely tomorrow.  Then I got everything else that didn't require cutting together, and so now, everything's put aside.  Even have all the poo-guards cut for the shorter shelf, just need to know which side it's going on and I can glue that one and get it ready.

Then, since it was daylight hours when I was working on all of this, I was able to finish working on the one FN.  I needed to cut a shelf or two, and I realized that this one shelf... well, as I'm always telling people "chins can't fly" -- I needed to listen to my own advice, so I had to take this one shelf out, cut a hole in it, and put it back.  Cause otherwise I dunno how I expected the chins to get up to this shelf.  But I totally finished the one FN today, and it looks great.  Some pics:

Even found a food bowl in my food bowl box that I could use to color coordinate!  Haha.  The little things make me happy.

Got an email from someone with some rabbits today, asking if we could help him.  I asked if they're caged together, separate, what?  Cause I told him we only have one or maybe two spare cages that could be used for rabbits right now, and if they're housed separately, I'd need a cage to come in.  We'll see if I hear back. 

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