Sunday, July 15, 2012

Petco adoption event and more...

So, started off the day by going to the Calumet City Petco's adoption event.  Of course, forgot our business cards...and couldn't find our framed news article (but did find it) or our banner.  STILL didn't find the banner.  Will definitely have to find that sooner or later.  But the day went good.  Met a lot of people that had never seen a chinchilla before, got to talk with them and let them pet the chins.  We took Moch and Mycha with us. 

The people at Petco were really nice, they got a table for us and showed us where the water was (when my genius self forgot to fill the water bottle before leaving home).  Course, being in a pet store, we couldn't help but buy treats and a squeaky chicken for the dog (what is it with me and chickens?  hey, Kailey likes them too, I swear), and some chews for the critters. 

So that was fun, we were there from maybe 11-5:30?  Got home, sent a email to the manager who invited us (who was not there today) thanking her for inviting us and saying we could come back some other time if she wanted.  So that was a good day.

Came home, Kicomo and Kocomo (now KiKi and KoKo) were picked up.  Well... they were already out on a trial run with their new home, but I told them to bring the chins back for a picture when they were ready to pick up their cage and actually adopt the boys.  So they brought the chins over and picked up their cage and other supplies, so they went home for good now.  I emailed their previous home and let them know the chins went home and sent them a picture of the chins with their new home.  And here it is:

And then I called the people who'd called the other day... the ones who'd gotten Ranger and said they wanted another rat.  Well, they called me back later, and apparently the mother had jumped the gun... the daughter had said something about wanting a second rat and so the mother called me... and so when the daughter heard that the mother called me, she was like, "well, let's wait on this a bit."  So no second rat for them just quite yet.

Then, while at Petco, we nailed down that we will be getting in yet another chin rescue on Tuesday.

I also have someone wanting to come... next weekend?  To see the rattie boys. I suppose I should respond to her email and set up a time.

Haven't done much else today.  Well, responded to emails and cleaned up the basement and that same stuff.  Same ol' same ol'. And added another person to our waiting list for chins.  Apparently the word hasn't gotten out that we don't get super-young rescues, cause lately everyone wants one that's like 1 year old and we keep getting in older ones!  Like for example Moch/Mycha are 5/6 years and Kicomo/Kocomo were 5 years.  Frederico and Georgie are also 5 years.  The chin we're getting in Tuesday is 7 years... this is just not working out to my advantage, lol.  Nah, someone will adopt them... just not the people on my waiting list.  That's alright, that's why it's called a "waiting list" -- there's a lot of "waiting" involved.  :D

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