Saturday, July 7, 2012

First things first....

So, first things first... I did not add the healthy treat mix to the website or to the care packet, or take a pic... nope. 

But I did get some stuff done.  I set up a time for Annabelle's pickup.  Her new owner emailed me a list of things he wanted to get, most of which are ready, but of course I only have a few hidey houses ready... and not the one he wanted.  So, I built a double entry hidey house and glued it and have it setting now.  He also wanted cage 11, which is fine... but wanted it broken down.  Ugh.  I specifically put "breaks down with some difficulty" because I was hoping to not have to break it down.  But I did.... I decided against folding the whole thing flat until they get here, cause I figured that might be a tad hard to explain how the cage goes together if all I have is a flat pile of black bars.  So it's standing up just barely and will be folded down when they get here.

Didn't get the orders I have completed today either... though, in all fairness, if you saw how long it took me to get that cage apart.... that will be tomorrow, when I'm home all day.

I did re-check the sexes of our gp's and it turns out we have two females and a male.  Wrote up an ad for them, and took some more pics of them in a clean cage.  Their cage needs to be cleaned, and I will likely do that tomorrow, but the babies will have to be separated in another few days, so I just set up another cage with clean shavings and stuck them in there for pictures, so I could get those done today.

Since I was already working with the pics, getting them on the computer and all, going back to the other day when one of our to-be adoptive homes came over.  This was the home that came over to pick up Tallie for her "trial run" -- well, the mom called to tell me in advance that her daughter had made little bags of chews for the chinnies.  How adorable, right?  So I took a pic of the daughter with one of the treat bags, and today I took a pic of all of the treat bags.  Will clean cages tomorrow and THEN give the chews.

Tell me those aren't just adorable!  The chins are going to go nuts!  Since Annabelle and the "10 week old kit" (now, older than 10 weeks by a considerable amount... I think she's going to be named Zazzles) are going home tomorrow, they'll go home with their bags.  I'm sure their new homes will appreciate her thoughtfulness! 

I just thought that was so nice.  I mean, we get cages donated and like the place we get a bale of hay from always throws in a donation bale along with however many we're getting, but all of that takes... no work.  And I don't mean to sound ungrateful, because that's definitely not the case, but donating a cage when you already have it and it's doing you no good collecting dust... lol... it may actually be doing you a favor by getting it out of the house.  But like this, this took her actually wanting to make something for the rescues and taking the time to do so.  Just... so sweet.  :) 

So then moving onto today, the family was back to pick up some supplies, and Lilly, to see how she would fit in with the family.  So they come in and Alyssa shows me that she has made colorful name labels for the cages!  How awesome!  Pic below.

So, they stayed for awhile.  They had brought me the screws for the FN, but it turned out I needed longer ones, so they'll bring those another day.  The topic of my two table saws came up, and how the one just stopped working one day, and the dad said he would look at it for me another time.  And of course they say they'll volunteer some time...  I am totally kidnapping this family and they can live here!  Very helpful, very nice people.

So, they left with supplies & Lilly, and after they did, I noticed I had four calls from the same number, and an email with that number in it... asking about Lilly (go figure).  So I told them she was out on one of our trial runs (which I added to the website -- see, I did do something!) but that if the family decided not to adopt her, I could let her know.  Got an email back asking if the mother/daughter pair was still available.  Had a moment of thinking, does she mean Moch/Mycha or the 10 week old kit/Ember?  So I emailed her back and said that if she meant Moch/Mycha, that they are still available.  Course, with the way my luck is, she meant Ember and the kit.  But I can hope.  And we will see when I get an email back.  ... but then... like I didn't have Lilly listed as on hold until after everyone left today.  So I can understand why she would email about her.  But the kit has been on hold forever, and it says so on the website (which is the only place the kit is listed), so if she means the kit and Ember... well... let's just say some people need to learn how to read.  I don't bold it and put it in red when a chin's on hold cause I feel like adding color to the page...  So here's hoping she means Moch & Mycha.

So then, I fed the kits, and BOTH of them ate well today so that was a plus. 

Was talking to my mom, and she said when she went to Walgreens today that some couple stopped her and asked her if she was the one with the chins for adoption (she's got our NWI Chins magnets on her car).  She told em no, it was me, and they asked her how much, and she told em, so we'll see if I hear from anyone saying, oh, we saw your mom with the car magnets.  We'll see.

So... I think that's it for today.  I need to work on the gp care packet and adoption form, so I think I'm going to do that now.  Maybe will post some additional pics of the baby gp's if I get everything done early enough, but it's already almost 1 am, so we'll see. 

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