Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Kits, FN's, and other stuff

So, went down today to weigh Lilly's kits.  The one weighed 50 when it was born, weighed 49/50 today.  The other weighed 49 when born, weighed 44 today.  The last... passed a few days ago.  So obviously, this isn't good.  Well, some chin moms don't get in milk the first day, so we had been leaving the babies with mom to see if she would get in milk, but by this point, she should have gotten it.  And I do believe she got some, or else that 49/50 kit would not be holding its weight, but she clearly doesn't have enough in.  So, I warmed up an ice cube of the handfeeding formula and fed the kits.  The one was much happier to eat than the other, but they'll both get used to it over the next few days. 

This actually happened the last time... she had two kits, one died, the other I had to handfeed for quite some time and eventually the kit started eating on its own and I was able to stop the handfeeding towards the time the kit would have been weaned.  Figured I'd give her another shot, sometimes with the first pregnancy not everything works perfect... but now that it's been two times, once these babies are weaned and we're sure Lilly isn't pregnant again, she will be sold to a pet home, no pedigree.  So it'll be her and Ember, just waiting to see if they're pg and then  they can go home.  Though Ember is on month three of separation and no noticeable weight gain, but I still want her to have another weigh in or two to be sure.

So today, had some people, a mom & her daughter, stop by for some hay, a food bowl, and some of those cardboard bagels.  Very nice people, I believe they said they're eventually going to get a chin.  And said the daughter reads the blog (if you're reading this, hi!!!  lol).  Nice to know someone reads what I write!  I could just be talking to a wall.

But anyway.  Should've worked to clean that last FN pan today, but I think I took a nap instead.  But I did go down and work on setting up one of the FN's.  With all our rescues still here and just having gotten in Daisy and Delilah, I can no longer pull one of the FN's we normally use to the side and fix it up, but I have one all put together with the pans cleaned and all.  And I got in the fleece sets that I ordered from CnH.  Got those yesterday.  So I worked on putting together one of the FN's.  Didn't really realize it ahead of time, but there is a lot of stuff in those sets.  Like, there's the hammock, the corner hammock, the pillow, the hanging house, the tube... that takes up a huge portion of cage space as it is!  Which isn't a bad thing, I was just amazed that I didn't have to stick like a zillion shelves in the cage cause I had so many other things to stick in.  I still need to put in a shelf or two.... I put in two shelves, ones that were already cut to a decent length that I was able to just put the hardware in and hang, but I think I need one more shelf and that would require turning on the saw and cutting wood... and that just can't be done at 2 am.  At least, not if I don't want my parents murdering me in my sleep, haha.  So that can wait til tomorrow. 

Hung up some toys in the cage... Since I have been selling so many cages, I have toys galore from those cages that I had all in a tub on the side, so I was going to hang some of those up, and then I realized, I wanted to color coordinate toys.  I know, I've lost my mind.  But anyway, so portions of them were neutral (wood being beige/brown versus a certain color) so I only had to take off a piece or two here that might've been orange or purple or whatever... and put pieces in place that were blue or yellow or green, to match the fleece set (I did the cage in the striped fleece).  So now some of the toys have colored pieces that match with the liner set -- looks good! 

No pics yet, of anything, cause I still need to finish that one last shelf.  And I took all the doors off the FN so I could more easily attach the shelves and all, and that one stinkin door (the one I had to hammer like mad with the rubber mallet to get it off) was STILL a pain to get off (though I didn't need the rubber mallet) so I'm going to have to dig out some wd-40 or something to coat the hinges.  Cause that's ridiculous.  I don't need the doors to fly off if you touch them wrong but this is a bit much.  And it's just the one door.  But I might as well do all four while I'm at it.  And then once the doors are back on the FN's, I need to see if it would be good placement to have any ledges or any anything hung/attached to the doors, and once ALL that's done... then pics. 

And eventually, I'll have the screws and be able to put a second FN together, and then the others will have to wait until I have a few less rescues so I have the cages free to pull out of use, completely strip down and clean, and change over to fleece accessories.  Course, when I have all four FN's changed over, then I want to rearrange where all the cages are and how the whole set-up is... so I guess I'm hoping for a short period of time where I have less-than-usual amount of rescues so that I can do this stuff easier.  We'll see.  Gotta adopt out some rescues first.

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