Friday, July 27, 2012

Good day today #1

Actually got a lot done today.  Would have gotten more done, but... ah we'll get there.

So, started off the day trying to arrange things and clean up the basement.  Did pretty well.  Had a lot of things in bags that needed to be "unpacked" and put where they went, so I did that.  Made more goodie bags, printed more goodie bag sheets.  Cleaned off the one table and organized everything on it.  aka put everything where it actually goes. 

Took the shelves out of the FN that I've been working on and put them outside so they could bake/bleach in the sun.  Was just about ready to go get them and put them back in... and it rained!  AHHH!!  So needless to say they're still out there.  So much for finishing the FN today. 

Got a text in the morning about two rats, Oreo and Marshmallow, that someone didn't want.  Something bout the mom and kid brought em home without telling dad, and dad was making a stink.  Sounds awfully familiar, can we say Daisy/Delilah #2?  Anyway, so now we have two new rattie faces here at the rescue. 

Was texted by someone wanting a dog crate.  I dunno where people get the idea that I have all sorts of weird cages (cause I've been emailed about every cage under the sun lately and I don't have that many for sale even).  But anyway, I had just emailed someone last night about our one cage (which had been used for chins but was clearly a dog crate) and she had wanted it shipped... well surprise surprise, she said she went to the pet store and realized that with shipping, my dog crate cost as much as the new one at the pet store.  Well... yeah.  It does weigh like 14 pounds, so shipping even to Chicago is going to cost a small fortune.  So she just bought the petstore one, so I still had this one to sell.  So I told this person that I did have one and sent her a pic and all and she's coming to get it tomorrow.  Yay.

So... moment of stupidity here... I opened my mini-fridge downstairs... and my lettuce and stuff was frozen solid!  Ok, so I haven't used a small fridge in years, and I didn't even think to check the temperature setting.  I turned it down to 4 and some of the stuff de-thawed enough that the pigs would eat some and the rabbits would take the kale from my hands (yippee!!) so that was nice.  But the green pepper container is still frozen solid so now it's turned down to 3, we'll see how it is in the morning.

Refilled all the chew toys.  Sounds like it'd take 5 minutes, but as most cages have at least 4 chews hanging, and at least 75% of the hanging chews are wire (instead of those pet store ones where the bottom screws on), I have to take the pliers, uncurl the wire, straighten it out so I can get toys on it.. and so on and so forth.  Did that, then realized a lot of the pieces in my toy parts bin were not drilled, so I went through all the parts and pulled out the non-drilled ones.  Didn't drill em, but I at least have them set aside.

Then realized that "make toys" has been on my list for quite some time.  So I decided I was going to cut up some wood.  So I cut up enough to fill the bin and then about another bag full.  Really need to go get some wood to use to cut up those flat end pieces, but that's for another day.  Cut up wood until I had enough in my eyes and lungs that I was sure I'd be coughing up wood in the morning and said enough for the night.  Will start trying to put some toys together tomorrow... well, gotta sand the stuff first, but will start putting together toys, and then when I realize what pieces I need, I'll be sure to cut more of those.

Gave the bunnies water, which they promptly knocked over.  Shop-vacc'd the water up, gave more water.  They decided to completely pull all the shavings out of their one litter pan.  Little devils.  Grr.  And they somehow got a poo in one of their water bowls.  Really?  Cause those litter boxes are looking awfully clean but they managed one in a much smaller water bowl?  They're playing with me.  They're lucky they're cute.  And they didn't mind my mildly freezer burnt kale so that's good. 

Will post more later.  Need to clean up around this area before my trash takes over my computer.

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