Friday, July 13, 2012

...behind a bit.

So, little bit behind.  Go figure the days the rescue is busy is the same days I am busy in other non-rescue areas of my life, so nothing gets posted.

...oh, and if any words are missing random "d"s, the "d" key on my laptop is requiring an extra amount of pressure, so in typing fast, it may not get hit hard enough... so any words missing a "d," please insert.  thank you.

First, some pics of things I talked about in the previous posts, but didn't have the pics ready for.

Zazzles (Ember's kit) with her new "mom"

Annabelle with her new "dad," Mark, and her new sister

our female guinea pig pups with their new "mom," Tammy

...and that gets us up-to-date to today.

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