Sunday, July 1, 2012

All-around not-good day today

So today may be one of the worst days we've had for awhile.  Not like bad-bad, but homes falling through and everything.  Let's start at the beginning. 

I go downstairs to check on the pets and feed and water them, and Lilly's little standard grey female kit had died.  :(  Poor thing.

So moving on, I get to the male rat cage, and the three rats have chewed up the fourth, he had puncture wounds on his neck and head so I separated him.  The other three are very chummily snuggling right now.

So then, our to-be-adoptive-home drives 6 hours through storms and bad weather to come here to adopt Lilly and Tallie.  Turns out... she's allergic to chins.  Has a bad reaction right after holding them.  So, Lilly and Tallie are still here.  I did have two other people wanting to know if that adoption fell through, so I emailed the first of the two.  We'll see if I hear back.

Then, the people who took Annabelle home the other day for the "trial run"... got an email, her allergies are getting worse with every day the chin's there.  So, she's going to meet me tomorrow after work to take the chin back.  So, I emailed the first person on my waiting list wanting a single chin.  We'll see if I hear back from them. 

Hopefully nothing else goes wrong.  There's still some hours left in the day....

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