Monday, July 23, 2012

Tired, but need to post

So, I am completely exhausted, and someone may have to wipe up the sludge I am degrading into off of this chair, but I am not going to bed tonight without posting.  Been putting it off and no more.

So, after only talking about it for the last few months (see, this is where procrastination becomes a problem), I actually plugged in one of our mini-fridges downstairs.  Right now, it's sitting on the floor, but I need to make a sort of wooden stand with wheels so it's more easily maneuverable.  But a fridge down there, who-hoo!!  Had to get a huge ladder cause the second plug in the basement is actually up in the rafters, so I had to get a ladder to plug the cord in.  And then an eye cook with cable tie at the corner so the cord doesn't hang down at a weird angle, it just goes from the plug to the wall and straight down.  Looks much better that way.  And it's awesome, no more having to cart all the g-pig and rabbit stuff down from the fridge up here, it'll just be conveniently down there...

....course, plugging in that fridge WAS a necessity...  went to the St. John farmer's market, bought kale, romaine, green pepper, and cantaloupe... and my parents' fridge is like brimming at total capacity so it was either dig out and turn on the fridge or... yeah.  So now there's a mini-fridge down there (and when I say mini, it is TINY... even smaller than you're thinking... the cantaloupe is upstairs).

Oh, our last baby guinea pig went home.  Happy days.  Then, two of our male rats went home.  Tried to intro our remaining male with another male pair that we had, but the single male was just NOT having it.  So I guess not.

Bought some more fleece at Joann's the other day, and some more grommets.  Now I have on my list to at least cut out the hammocks, so I can get pictures and get them ready for the site.  

Tomorrow, Psycho (chin) and Honey (rabbit) are going to their foster home with _________ (texted her asking if I could use her name... no text back yet).  Psycho actually needs some TLC (well... more like a few hundred xanax) and needs to calm down.  We reach for her, she goes psycho and does laps around the cage, wall-surfing all the way around.  Right now we have her in a run to conserve space (though she is going to her foster home in an actual cage) and she always darts out of the cage at the last second so I can't say I will miss that while she's gone.  She's a pretty chin, a standard grey with longer fur (not long long, but like too long for showing standards), but she is just terrified of people.  Shreiks at the top of her lungs when you have her out.  So I hope her foster mom can work some miracles.  Honey, on the other hand, is pretty much just chill.  She could use being let out more often, cause she clearly gets restless, but she doesn't have any behavioral issues that really need working on.  At this point, even if Psycho didn't have her issues, it would be worth these two going to a foster home just to clear up some space at the rescue (and give me more time to devote to the rescues that are here).

Since I have some, ah... added time off, for the next month, I plan to write up all the ads and take pictures of all the chins and other critters that will be available so that's all ready to go for when these critters are ready to be adopted.  Also need to work on filling out the forms for the Chicago Pet Show -- someone sponsored us ($290 value!!) so we will get to be there and participate.  Dunno if it will help the rescue, but can't hurt, right?

Had someone email about Spots and Princess, asking about if they could be kept in a aquarium.  They could, assuming it was cleaned regularly, but ideally they'd rather be in a rat cage.  Said she's working on convincing her parents, so we'll see.

Got an email asking about baby chins, will email back tomorrow (along with the rest of the emails).  Also got a phone call about chins, maybe surrendering them?  Only listened to part of the message.  Will call back tomorrow.

Going to bed now.

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