Thursday, July 5, 2012

One more thing...

Ok, one more thing, then bed. 

I turned around and saw these jars were making and I was like, "definitely should post about those."  So, for a little bit of variety, we are going to soon be selling our "Healthy Treat Mix" in a cute little jar with an NWI Chins label on it.  This "healthy treat mix" will contain 1 ounce of hawthorn berries, 1 ounce of rosehips, and 0.75-1 ounce of rosebuds (weight depends on the size of rosebuds... if they're smaller, more fit and end up weighing more).  I believe it will be $7.50 for the Healthy Treat Mix jar.  It's cute, and you know you want it.  ;)  I suppose we could even do refills if there was a demand for it.

So, for the labels.  The two printers in the house are inkjet printers, so I set off to find 2.5 inch labels (size of the top of the jar) to print out on an inkjet.  Could only find them made from recycled brown paper, which (at the time) I wasn't crazy about.  I had wanted white labels, but my dad said maybe if I used the brown, it wouldn't look so much like a label per se, so I figured I'd give it a shot.  Course, a shot means one package of labels = 225 labels, so it's not like I'm going to run out anytime soon.  I suppose if I hate it, I'm stuck with it for quite some time.  But anyway, I had found the labels online (this was last night), so I figured I'd drop by Office Depot on the way home.

So, I get off work, and after picking up the rat chow, go to Office Depot.  See all sorts of different types of labels, but not anything even close to 2.5 inch.  They had like 1 inch, but I wanted 2.5 so it'd cover the entire top.  So, I asked this one guy and he said that a ton of stuff on the website is website only.  Ah.  He asked if I wanted to order it, but I told him I was going to look elsewhere and if I couldn't find it, I'd be back.  So, I went to Office Max.  Which, despite not being a fan of, is looking better by the day.  Not only did they have the labels, they actually had them in white.  See, the problem was that I could find the labels in white, but only for laser printers, and the genuises of the household (i.e. parents) said that the ink would smear if I tried to use laser paper in our inkjet printers.  But Office Max had the labels I wanted, in white, for inkjets.  Well.... I got the brown.  I know, I just finished saying I wanted the white, but I suppose there is some value in the labels not looking quite so much like labels.  So... came home, spent waaaaay too much time on designing the label (which is just a circle with a border around the edge, says NWI Chinchillas, then has an image of a chin, then Healthy Treat Mix) and finally printed one out.  Put it on the jar and it looks awesome.   Will get a pic of that tomorrow and will need to work on adding that to the website, webstore, and my supplies for sale list (the Word doc), maybe tomorrow.

Unrelated, but.... never got around to doing that FN shelf today.  Tomorrow.  'night

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