Saturday, July 14, 2012

....almost forgot

Ok so one last thing.  One of our rat adoptive homes purchased two hidey houses from us, but we only had one ready (he originally thought he wanted larger ones.... but upon getting here and seeing them, decided smaller would do).  So, he paid for both and said he would come back for the second one.  So he ended up coming back today to get his hidey house.  Brought his wife to show her the rescue and brought four cages to donate!  I didn't take pictures of those, but the one's a large guinea pig/rabbit cage.  Another could be like a gerbil cage or even a rat transport cage.  Another is a smaller rabbit-type cage, and then the last one is this cage --> .... looks brand new!  And since I was JUST talking about how once some of our rats are adopted out, that our one cage is going back to being a chin cage (once I pitch the shelves and scrub the cage to death), it's perfect that we got a decent sized rat cage in.... especially considering I had to put the two new rat boys in one of our smaller cages cause I didn't have anything larger, now that we're back up to 11 rats.  And they are still in the smaller cage, I will need to clean the larger one, but at least now I have something bigger for them to go into as soon as I get to cleaning it.

So that was real nice of him to donate those cages.  He said he sees them at garage sales and knows we can use em or sell em or whatever, and I guess they must be cheap enough, but still, that is just awesome.  :)

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