Thursday, July 26, 2012

More of Today

So, went down, wiped down the FN.  For some stupid reason, I thought I'd just be able to wipe down the pans.  Yeah... no.  I mean, mine weren't nearly as bad as the pans I got in with the two FN's, but they still were grimier than I'd have liked, so I had to put em on the ground and pour in the vinegar and scrub.  So that's done now.  Also peroxide'd the shelves and pulled out the chew toys (for some reason, when re-doing a cage, the chew toys are the last thing to go back in).  Put in the liners, the hanging house, the hammocks... not the pillow yet cause I still need to work on those shelves.  If I think about it, tomorrow I'll pull out the shelves and set em outside to hopefully bleach em a bit in the sun, and then when I get them back in, I'll put on poo-guards and put em back in the cage.  And then the cage should be ready for its new occupant! 

And that was really all I did for the last ridiculous amount of hours.

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