Friday, July 27, 2012

Good day today #2

Ok, back to regularly scheduled broadcast of "what I did today."

So, made some more of the mom-n-kit supplement.  Didn't have enough ground up pellets, so I brought some upstairs, pulled out the coffee grinder, and pureed me some pellets.  I think that's the only time the coffee grinder gets used -- we haven't had coffee beans in years.  See, I'm helping an unused appliance feel loved (and if you're just now thinking "man, she's lost it..." you clearly haven't been reading this blog for very long).   So, made a decent amount of that.

Side note.  Was cleaning up and noticed I had some Joann's flyers (I should buy stock in the company, like for real) and so I was flipping open to cut out the coupons (if it isn't on sale, or I don't have a coupon, it can wait) and I flipped to the first coupon, and I thought it said "50% off any one overpriced fabric."  Now, in reality, it says "50% off any one regular-priced fabric"... but lol.  Omg so, does anyone else look through these things and think "holy shit that would cost a lot to make?  Cause I do.  Like there's this picture of this kid sitting on a hippo:

... and while I admit it is adorable... omg would that cost a lot for the fleece and the stuffing and stuff.  And who has that much talent to sew something like that?  Or the time?  I need to meet these people I can hardly sew square hammocks.  And I probably have 5-10 new fabric patterns... but I haven't had the time to cut them to size or anything so they're not up on the website yet.  People sewing the hippos of the world: please tell me how you do it.  And would you like to volunteer????  Lol.

 K, so a few adoptions I am working on putting up here, the site, and fb all at once.... 

On 7/21 two of our black hooded rats (males) went to their new home:

On 7/22, our last remaining guinea pig baby went to his new home:

And on 7/26, *drumroll* Moch and Mycha went to their new home *breaks out in applause*

....and on a more depressing note, I finally got in my shipment (backordered for 3 months) from Ashes to Ashes.  The urns we got:

....and the plaques we got:

We don't cremate every chin that dies, by any means.  Couldn't afford it (though, we don't have that many die here), but the special ones get cremated.  Moki was our second chin, so of course we got her cremated.  JuneBug was another hetero beige female that was just sweet as pie.  Awesome chin... til her cagemates ganged up on her and tore her apart.  I remember going down and looking at the cage -- it looked like a beige chin had exploded.  Fur everywhere.  She tried to get behind the wheel to get away, but that only worked so well......well, not at all.  She's the reason we now use breeding runs.

...but back to present day.  Made some hay rolls today.  Threw one or two in every cage, gave the buns each their own (they need to learn to share, but in the meantime...)... some were interested in them, some kinda gave me like "you expect me to play with that?  buy me an expensive toy" -- but at least it'll give them something to do.  Gotta work for the hay.  Keep the mind busy.  Hay rolls:

And finally... just had the camera sitting down there while I cleaned to see if any good picture opportunities would pop up.  Cause they always pop up when the camera's upstairs.  And of course, animals don't understand "don't move while I go run and get it."  So got a few decent photos.

Daisy -- can never seem to get a good photo of her.  She always looks super skinny (which she's not), but she looks ok here (and yes, that is powercoating flaking off -- this was when QC had an issue with the place that did their powdercoating):

Carney -- I'm a big fan of that no-legs look.  Blob-bunny!

Thumper -- reminds me of a dog the way he's laying.

(sorry Fuzzball fans, he wasn't being photogenic today).  But... here's a cute photo of all three of them.  Aren't they cute?  You know you want to adopt all three.

Unrelated, but the Midwest Prairie Dog Shelter just posted in answer to my question -- they use the 15" chin spins and the $100+ Leo Braun wheels for their pd's.  They recommended the Leo Braun as it's quieter and more sturdy.  And as Shiloh's a bit of a porker... he definitely needs sturdy.  There may be a most-expensive-wheel-ever-purchased purchase in the future... if/when I get that second job going again.  But no talk about why I'm down to one job right now.  I need the extra time off so I'm not complaining.... at the moment.

For anyone wondering, the Leo Braun wheel is this one --> (second one down).  Expensive... but heck, I already spent like $235ish + shipping on Shiloh's cage and god knows how much on his beds and his other must-haves, so what's an extra $135 + shipping?  Ok, a lot.  It really is.  But... I also have a large amount of money sitting unused in my paypal account, so it's not like any of my actual bank accounts would be affected.... hmmmmm.  JEAN!!!  *runs off to email* (and darn it, I JUST put in and received an order)

But going back to that... just got my order from TJ's the other day... I think I actually received the order before I paid for it (oops), so I logged onto paypal real quick and paid her.  Great stuff.  Didn't order much for once, just some liners, some of those shower hooks to hang hammocks etc, some blue cloud rocks, and an aztec hammock (matches nothing I have here... but I like it!).  In talking, Jean said she doesn't want to make those pillows anymore and asked if I could use the fleece scraps... so she said she'd throw them in the box.  So... I'm expecting like tiny pieces of fleece (cause you should see my miniscule fleece scraps, I let nothing go to waste), but like she sent like omg a TON of fleece lol.  And a shelf for the rescues as well, and two corner hammocks.  How sweet.  Will need to get a pic of the donation and get it up on my donations page.  But like, with the fleece... there's enough of some of the pieces that I could actually probably make a pillow or small hammock rather than just use them for stuffing.  We'll see.  That's for another day.

.... in fact, everything else is "for another day" cause it's 1:48 right now and I need to hit the hay.

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