Saturday, July 7, 2012

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So, I got an email from one of our potential adoptive homes letting us know they will not be able to make the drive out today.  Ah well. 

Also, had an adoptive home come and pick up their rat, very nice person. Don't have the pic ready.  Or any of the other pics that I said I'd have today, but I've been busy darn it.  So they were here for awhile talking bout chins and rats and all the other critters we have. 

And Shiloh is shedding.  I don't know if I never noticed before, I mean, surely he didn't hold in all his shedding for this summer, he's been here two years.... but he's like a dog right now... like coming off when you pet him.

So then, I'd been talking to Amber (of Wheeker's Guinea Pig Rescue - and I had emailed her.  Wanted to be positive of the genders of our baby gp's before I list them anywhere, so I took close up pics of them and sent them to her.  I was correct as to what they are, but I figured, let the expert tell me if I'm right or not.  I believe we have two boys and a girl.  I do have pics of those.  Will check again, but first two pics are boys, third is girl.


Then, I took new pics of some of the chins and the rats we have left, so I could update the ads with what we have.  Updated those ads, had to re-put-up some of the ads.  I may have not posted them at the beginning of the month if they were on hold at that point.  So now all the rats we have are back up for grabs.

The guy who told me he'd call today to come see Spots and Princess (rats) didn't call and didn't come.  He said maybe Saturday, so maybe he'll call tomorrow.

On the other hand, I did hear back from the rabbit guy.  Apparently three are caged together and the fourth is separate... emailed him back saying that if they all fit in 2 cages, then we can take them.

Heard back from the people adopting the kit (well, it's a few months old now) this weekend.  They both (I emailed the dad and the kid) said they didn't want to be feeding anything bad, so the kid suggested some other foods, and I told her, unfortunately, they weren't good either.  It's unfortunate how many BAD chinchilla foods there are out there.  Anyway, told the dad that if there was a Petsmart by them they can find good food there and told them the brands.  He said there was, but they're going to start off with a 25 lb bag from me.  So that'll give them some time to find the good food out by them.  They did genuinely seem like they must have misread (or not read, whatever the case may be) the care packet but regardless, they both made it clear that if the food was going to affect the lifespan and health of the chin, they wanted to make sure they were not feeding something that would negatively affect it.  So, I think they'll be alright.

What else... brought in the bags of food. 

Oh, so our current home who has Tallie in their care for a trial run uploaded a video of her eating a shredded wheat.  She looks adorable if I do say so myself.  :D  She's such a sweetie. 

Updated the website with the new pics of the critters as well.  Updated some of the info... like our one rat ad for the boys had said some have dumbo ears... well now, all the ones left have dumbo ears.  And then for the girls, same thing, it said "some" -- well now, only the beige one has the dumbo ears.  And people care about that stuff (well, some do, some just want a pet and aren't quite so concerned with ear shape) so I put it up there so I can stop getting emails asking "do they have dumbo ears?"  Though, if that's all they're concerned about...  they may not make it through the adoption process and get approved anyhow.  I much prefer the people who ask about the animals' personality or likes/dislikes than about ear shape.  That's like the people who email me about chins asking if the cage comes with.  Really?  I mean, I know there are people who flip animals/cages, but if that's what they're concerned about....

One of our ads up right now is for some gerbils that aren't at our rescue.  So, naturally, I put the person's email address as the contact info, and I told her, if I get any emails about the gerbils (from people who can't be bothered to, oh, I dunno, read the ad) I would pass them along to her.  Well, few days ago I got an email asking if I had a pic of the cage.  Passed it on to her (and in this case, the gerbils do come with the cage, and it says so in the ad), but I was thinking, again, if that's all they're concerned about... like what about the gerbils?  I mean, I can hope they're wanting to see the cage to determine if it's an adequate size for 6 gerbils... but that's probably wishful thinking. 

Posted some pics of the chins/rescues on facebook.  Got an awesome pic of Winx in this pink butterfly hanging house... he looks so mad at me that I got the pic... but so precious.  And he's totally gonna come murder me in my sleep for posting this....but ain't he cute???:

I think that's it for today. 

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