Tuesday, July 24, 2012

So, few things today

First off, and this is only first cause I'm going through emails first, that person interested in Delilah... no longer is so.  At least they emailed me to let me know, so I do appreciate that, but here's the thing.  I was going through my email folder that I keep potential adopters' emails in, and I was deleting her emails and I noticed that she had said that her bf had contacted me a bit ago wanting to adopt, but then they weren't able to.  Well, then today, maybe half a year from then, she tells me something came up and they can't adopt.  Now, I could be wrong, but is this "something" that keeps coming up, oh, I dunno... the adoption form?  Cause they both bailed right after I sent it. 

Ok, fine, let's give them the benefit of the doubt and say it has nothing to do with the adoption form and that's just pure coincidence.  Fine.  Well.... if these two people have things going on in their lives every 6 months that prevent them from owning pets... then shouldn't they wait until they're stable and know for sure they can get and care for a pet?  Like maybe now's just not the right time.

But, on another front, good news.  Lilly and Tallie are going to their new home together!  Just got word today.  Yaaay for the pair.  Very nice home, they will be very happy and spoiled chins.

Unrelated... didn't get a chance to call the person back about the chins she wants to drop off.  Fell asleep and then had to run two of the rescues over to our first foster home's place in Hebron (not Portage like I thought a few days ago).  And, since I never get out of the house, when I do...... well, I left at 7, came home at like midnight.  Few pics:

-----had the entire back of the blazer loaded.  This with back seats folded down and everything... see, there's just not that much room in there --> two cages (one chin, one rabbit), 2 brown grocery bags of shavings, 1 brown grocery bag of rabbit food/litter box, 1 brown grocery bag of chin food/supplies, two carriers, and large white bag stuffed with hay... and that filled up the entire back-----

---you can see Honey (rex rabbit) on the left and Psycho (female chin) on the right---

---our foster mom, Meredith, with one of her own chins, a violet female named Posh.  Meredith purchased Gin (a standard grey pedigreed kit) from us a bit ago---

---Psycho taking to Meredith very well.  Already realizing she's a great hiding spot.  See, you totally can't see her, right?  Right??  Haha---

Psycho came here un-named, but earned her name (poor thing, I know, but it totally fits her) because of her habits.  (1) she makes a dash to get out of the cage every time it's opened... so when she's in a run, that means making a flying leap out of the cage, (2) you reach for her and she literally does laps around the cage, wall-surfing the entire way, (3) you take her out and hold her and she screams and screams and screams......

.... but she's cute!  Course I don't think I have a pic of her (how would I? she's always running for the front of the cage when the door's open) but she is a cutie and Meredith is going to try to work with her and get her a little more used to people reaching for her.

...well, that's about it.  Still haven't gotten up the pics from the latest adoptions, but it's already 1:30 am, so that's not happening today.  Speaking of "not happening today" - still haven't sat down to look at the other placed Saturday, still haven't paid Jean (of TJ's) for my order even though I think she shipped it out (there are advantages to being friends with people before they open a chin supply business... though she will get paid, no worries!), still haven't finished cleaning out and liner-ing up the two FN's that are put together...  tomorrow will likely be a busy day!

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