Friday, July 20, 2012

Ignoring questions

So... the person interested in Delilah emailed me back.  Said that she is still interested and can't open the attachments.  Now... wouldn't you think she'd email right when she can't open them, versus waiting til I email her?

Anyway, that's beside the point.  Let's revisit what I said to her:


Sent you an email last weekend after getting your email saying you were interested in Delilah.  In that email, I let you know that if you're interested in her, you'd need to put down a deposit to hold her until she's ready (which should be around the beginning week or so of August).  You will also need to read our care packet and adoption form, which I attached to the last email. 

I haven't heard back from you since sending that email, so I wanted to check and see if you are still interested in adopting Delilah?  I would appreciate if you would let me know either way.  If I haven't heard from you in a few days, I'll assume you're not interested and will move on to the next interested home.  However, I would much rather hear back from you.  Thanks.

Notice what she completely ignored?  The deposit part.  Which, if she drags this out long enough, won't be an issue, but why is it that people can't just say, hey, I don't feel comfortable putting down a deposit (or I don't want to, or whatever the case may be).  And this isn't the first time.  It's not always the deposit, sometimes no matter how I send them the forms, the can't open them.  If I copy and paste them into an email they can't open them.  If I literally type the questions into an email as a regular email, can't open.  Just tell me you don't want to fill out the gosh darn form and I will stop bugging you.  You also won't be adopting any critter from me, but I sure will stop trying to get them to you. 

And with this one, I don't know if she's serious or not.  Cause if someone emailed me and said fill out this attachment, get it back to me, and I couldn't open it... I'd be emailing and saying, hey, can you send it some other way.  Like today, I somehow deleted someone's email, but I remembered seeing it, so I emailed them, hey, send again?  So if I hadn't emailed her, I dunno if she'd have emailed me.  Now, people on Macs can't open up my forms, cause they're word docs for a PC.  Fine.  But like I will email her the care packet and the adoption form pasted into the email and we shall see if I hear back.

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