Sunday, July 8, 2012


So I'm sorry, but I must be in a crabby mood today.  I got yet another email, from the same #@^#$ person, telling me that the cages I listed on craigslist aren't good guinea pig cages, and that the minimum guinea pig cage is 2x4.  Really?  Cause I can tell you the average person isn't going out and buying the largest cage on the market for guinea pigs.  And she goes on to say that you can buy the coroplast and the cubes to make the cages much cheaper -- yeah... and how many people do you know want to make the effort to go and do that?  Especially when you'd need a truck or something to haul a 4'x8' sheet of the stuff.

So anyway, I nicely email her back and let her know, I can take off the thing that says guinea pig, but here's the thing.  I tell her how almost everyone tells us on our chin adoption forms that they're going to feed Mazuri.  But then, when we get the chins returned for one reason or another, 9/10 times, the bag of food that comes back with them is not (surprise!) Mazuri.  Which is exactly my point. 

So I email her back nicely and let her know.  Well, get this, she says I'm supposed to ask about which animal they want to use the cage for and educate them that the cage is good/not good for that animal.  Excuse me?  I have time for my adoptive homes, and I'd like to think I sell cages proper for the animal to the various people off of craigslist, but at the end of the day... someone says they want to buy a cage, I don't ask what it's for.  I want their pet in as good a cage as possible, well I want that for all pets, but I can't control what they buy or don't buy.  They don't buy a bad cage from me, they're just going to buy it elsewhere.

Then, she tells me I should donate all my spare cages to various rescues.  Again... did she miss that we're a rescue?  I told her that the rescue doesn't pay for itself through adoption fees, which is why we sell supplies and used cages.  And in reality, the majority of our used cages are sold to our own adoptive homes, versus to people on craigslist or some other classified site, so I do know what animal the majority of the cages will be used for.

And she then goes on to lecture me about the best type of guinea pig cages and how I should be telling everyone to make their own C&C cages.  Uh-huh.  Just like she bothers to email me every freakin time I put "guinea pig" under the "good for these pets" section on a cage listing... that would get really old.  I'm already tired of her, and she's only emailed me 2-3 times.  I understand she wants the best for the guinea pigs, but honest to god.  I bet you she emails all of those people who are rehoming the guinea pigs with those tiny cages (cause they sure aren't 2x4) and tells them how horrible of a cage they're keeping their guinea pig in.  See, I wouldn't want to alienate people like that.  Cause she's not really "nice" in the way she words things.  It's in the tone of "I'm right, you're wrong, and how could you possibly do such a thing?!?!?"  It's a freakin cage, it's not like I'm feeding the gp's chocolate and candy for their diet, jeez.

On a positive note, Annabelle did go to her new home just a bit ago.  Very nice people.  Loved Alyssa's little bag of chews.  :) 

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