Friday, July 6, 2012

Quick post

May update later, but just wanted to make a quick post (I know, you're saying, riiiiight). 

So, I forgot about this yesterday, so while I was thinking about it today, I just had to post.  So, I'm handfeeding two of Lilly's kits.  The boy eats ok, the girl is a freakin pig!  Well anyway, yesterday when I was feeding them, I apparently wasn't refilling the syringe quick enough for her liking, and I had some milk on my finger.  So here's how it goes (me talking to my mom, sitting across the table):  "hey!  she's licking my finger!  *pause*  no, look look, she's licking my finger!  how cute!!  awwww!!!  isn't that sweet?  *pause* YEEEEOWCH!"  Apparently she thought my finger was tasty enough if she licked it that she wanted a tasty  chunk of it.  Little stinker.  So today when she was licking my finger I was like "oooooh no -- not that again."  Haha. 

Went to the feed store today to pick up some lab blocks.  Still gotta get it out of the car before the whole car smells like feed store.  Well, turns out the Labdiet lab blocks are going to be discontinued (the owner told me).  He said though that Mazuri makes a lab block diet for rats, so that's good.  Cause I told him I would need some sort of replacement if he was able to order...  I don't go through the lab blocks that fast, but as they are the main diet of Shiloh (prairie dog) and we give them to the rat rescues, we do go through them with some regularity.  Also got 4? 5? bags of Mazuri.  Still have three, I think, but if I'm driving all the way out there (it's about 45 minutes), I might as well.  I took the honda there... completely stupid idea on a 100 degree day.  Now, I won't drive my blazer and use a whole tank of gas to get to the feed store and back, that'd be beyond stupid, but I should have at least taken someone else's car.  The honda either needs freon or to get the air worked on -- the vents blow cold air, or mildly cool anyway, but the car never cools off.  Versus my parents' cars, which are much newer, with working air.  So I was nice and soggy by the time I got to the feed store, and even soggier when I finally got home.  So needless to say, the bags are still in the car, though I think it's sufficiently cooled off enough that I can bring them in the house now.  I should do that.  Will post more later. 

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