Sunday, July 29, 2012

....and again with Keisa

So, I emailed the owner of Keisa (the chin that was being returned, but the owners wanted me to keep), saying that we got her in today, and emailing him the forms that he needed to fill out and return to me.  I also said that, no promises, but we may show her, but I will decide in a few days.

So, here's the email I get back:

We are so thrilled to hear that! We have been upset all day, just missing her. If you can show her we would love it, we would even pay for her food when we get back on her feet, along with any other supplies she may need while shes with you.

Does that sound to you like them surrendering the chin?  Not to me.  Sounds to me like they want me to pet-sit for an unknown amount of time.  Sorry, but no can do.

So I emailed back:

I'm giving myself a few days to decide if we're going to show her or not, so I can see her at different times and see what I think. 

Here's the thing.  Even if I do keep her and show her.  Say she does good at show and we decide to breed her.  There's not a real "nice" way to say this, but say I decided to keeping Keisa and use her for breeding as part of my herd... she would be my chinchilla then, and would be staying here.  I understand you want to get on your feet and get her back, but this is not a pet sitting business -- this is a rescue that breeds chinchillas on the side.  If you wanted someone to pet sit her, you could have found a pet-sitter or something of the sort, but that's not what we are.  You signed (or should be filling out, signing, and emailing back to me) the surrender form that I emailed you.  That form gives Keisa over to the rescue and relinquishes any ownership right you have in her.  That's how it works.  It even says on the form --> "I understand that once surrendered, this animal will not be returned to me. "  This wouldn't be the first time that someone has said, hey, hang onto the chin for a year and I'll come back and get it.  I'm not saying you wouldn't come back, but giving a chin to the rescue means you have given it up.  If we decided to adopt her out, and she happened to be up for adoption at the time you were ready to bring her back into your life, you would be welcome to adopt her.  But that's all I can tell you.  What you're asking for is for me to pet sit her until you're back on your feet, and that we don't do.    

I feel like that sounds like I'm almost being cruel... but shit, this is a rescue.  You want a rescue to take in your chin, you don't get it back.  The Humane Society would look at you like you were nuts if you told them that. 

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