Monday, July 9, 2012

Wee hours of the night

Well, didn't get home til after 10 cause of work and my night class.  Went right to feed the kits. 

Then, cleaned out the guinea pig cage and separated the piggies into girls and boys, each in separate cages (cause the babies are three weeks now).  Added a second food bowl and veggie dish and all, so now the two cages are all happy and clean.

Cleaned the runs.  Now the run chins are happy and clean. 

Weighed some of the chins, just to see how they're doing.  The few I weighed had either maintained or gained, so that's good.

Weighed Ember.  She gained like 40 grams (I think? -- well, she'll be weighed again on the 15th so I can really see what's going on then).  If she really did gain 40 grams, then we have to keep hanging onto her until she stabilizes or has babies... whichever happens first.

Weighed Lola.  She was up to like 340 today!  Congrats Lola.  She had some gunk in both eyes that I wasn't positive as to what it was... first move is to always rinse out with saline and wipe the eyes, and the gunk came off, so maybe it was nothing, just dust in the eye or something causing the eye to produce the gunk.  We'll see.  If it doesn't clear up, back to the vet we go.

Fed the babies two more times before the night was over.  I think they're doing pretty good.  :D

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