Sunday, July 8, 2012

Another adoption, more emails...

So, the "10 week old kit" - now, "3 month old kit" went to her new home.  They are naming her Zazzles.  How cute.  Very nice people, had a lot of questions so that was good, went over a lot of stuff.  They seemed happy with her.

So then I come back up and look at my emails.  Responded this morning to three emails for guinea pig babies, so everyone else I've been telling that they're on hold.  Got one person set up to come Tuesday to get their baby gp. 

Had someone else email... said they were from Greencastle and didn't know where Munster was, and wanted a buddy for their pig.  Ok, no problem, I told them Greencastle is 2 hours 45 - 3 hours away from here.  Not exactly a five minute drive for a $25 pig.  Well, anyway, she emailed after they were all on hold and wanted to know if any fell through... but then the next email said (the relevant part)

"yes please save me one if they change there mind!!! i want a white one with pink eyes and hopfuly it would be long hair or texel"

Um.... did she even read the ad?  Or look at the pictures? (cause that doesn't even require reading!)  Two of ours are chocolate and caramel (red) and the other is white, chocolate, and caramel (red).  No whites with pink eyes.  And it clearly says in our ads that two are Abyssinian and the last is an American Shorthair.  Not long hairs or texels.  I mean really?  It's just being one of those days today.  

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